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Zoo iPhone app is available!

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Communications

Earlier this week Woodland Park Zoo released our first iPhone application that allows you to track your location on zoo grounds, discover more about the animals, and access daily activity schedules to make the most of your next zoo visit. This handy tool features:

- GPS-enabled zoo map with "Near Me" recommendations for animal exhibits, play areas, concession stands and restrooms

- daily schedule of zoo activities including zookeeper talks and children's programs

- educational animal fact sheets

- special discount offers redeemable at concession stands

- "Friend Finder" to locate other iPhone users in your party on zoo grounds

- zoo news and happenings

- easy access to Facebook and Twitter so you can share your zoo experience

Here it is in action:

The application, designed in collaboration with Austin-based developers Avai Mobile Solutions, is available now to download for $0.99. iPhone users can go to the iTunes App Store and search for "Woodland Park Zoo" to download or follow this link. Proceeds from each application sale go toward the zoo's animal care, education, conservation and operation costs.

Don't have an iPhone? A mobile version of the zoo's award-winning website is now available for any smartphone user when you point your browser to (GPS features not available on the mobile site.)

We will roll out additional features over time, but we're pretty thrilled with this first version and we hope you will be too. Even if you have been to the zoo dozens of times, you'll still find new information in the app. And having an app handy that tells you where the nearest restroom is solves the biggest issue families have out on zoo grounds!

If you download it, let us know what you think.

Photo and video by Ryan Hawk.


Anonymous said…
So does the zoo offer free wi-fi so us iPod Touch users have access to the application when we come and visit!?! If so then I will purchase it since we are planning a trip down to the zoo witin the next few weeks!
Unfortunately we don't have WiFi here; over our 92 acres it's a bit of an expensive proposition to get this up and running though hopefully someday this will happen. You can also download the app to your iTunes account on your computer (not quite as handy as when you can use it on grounds, but available nevertheless!), or with other smartphones, pointing your browser to will give you the mobile site.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful! That is a great use of the technology. Do you have plans for an Android version of the app?
This comment has been removed by the author.
We do have a mobile version that's available for smartphones by pointing your browser to, but unfortunately it does have the GPS-enabled elements of the iPhone.

While we would love to make native applications for other major smartphones, time, money and staffing is an issue---as it is for most non profits!
Unknown said…
i would love to see one for android
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Unknown said…
How many downloads so far?