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Cast your vote to name a snow leopard cub

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Communications

The poll is open! Cast your vote to name Woodland Park Zoo's male snow leopard cub, plus enter to win a snow leopard prize package. Vote as often as you'd like for as many names as you'd like now through midnight, August 12.

We'll announce the winning name when the cubs debut on Saturday, August 15 at noon on Snow Leopard Day. The female cub has already been named Batu (pronounced BAH-too), a Mongolian name meaning firm, hard, honest.

Photo: This male snow leopard cub, pictured here at 9 weeks, needs a name selected by you! Photo by Ryan Hawk.


Anonymous said…
Batu and her brother are absolutely adorable! I miss you all at the zoo, and am so glad you keep the blog going so I can stay updated! Now, if only I could think of a name...
cutekitty said…
I like Boke that is cute!
These snow leopards are too cute!!!!!
i can't get enough of them!!!!!!!!!!!
SnowLeopard said…
Question: it says here on the blog that you can vote as often as you like through midnight Aug. 12, but on the vote casting page, it says only one vote per person. I did vote several times, but now am wondering if they won't all be counted? If this is the case, oops on my part for not reading all the directions on the voting page, and I'll stop voting now. :) Thanks~
Amber, you may vote as many times as your finger can click!