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Zoomazium's a treat in the heat

Posted by: David Schaefer, Public Affairs

Savvy parents know all about coming to the zoo when it rains in Seattle.

They visit Zoomazium, Woodland Park Zoo’s award-winning, LEED-certified indoor play area for kids to learn about nature – and have a great time doing it.

But Zoomazium is another great choice now that the weather is in the 90’s. It’s air-conditioned!

In this all-season space, children 8 and under connect with the wonders of the natural world. Kids discover a new favorite animal, star in a nature play, or climb, slide and explore their way through a magical world. What’s more, after pretending to be a big cat or an ape, they can walk outside and in just a few short steps, meet a real live jaguar or a gorilla in a beautiful, naturalistic habitat.

The building is designed to LEED-gold standards, the first in a North American zoo. And for those trying to beat the heat in the Seattle area this summer, it is still a great idea to come to the zoo.

Zoomazium is open daily and is free with zoo admission or membership, and there is programming every afternoon. But remember – no adults without kid supervision.
Photo by Ryan Hawk.