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Zoo vets give snow leopard cubs 6-week exam

Posted by: Gigi Allianic, Communications

The pair of snow leopard cubs are growing, playing and now testing the likes of solid food! See the male and female siblings get their six-week examination and receive their first set of vaccinations as part of the zoo’s excellent animal and medical care program. Then at the end, watch them be rewarded with their first taste of solid food—chicken!

The cubs were born on Memorial Day to first-time parents, 4-year-old Helen and 3-year-old Tom. Mom and cubs remain off public exhibit to ensure continual bonding and proper nursing while staff monitors the new family via an internal web cam.

The male weighed in yesterday at 7 pounds and the female, 6 pounds. According to their keepers the cubs are venturing outside the birthing den more frequently and playing, particularly favoring a game of playing with mom’s tail!

Dr. Kelly Helmick, associate veterinarian at the zoo, gave the cubs a clean bill of health and will continue to administer exams and the necessary vaccinations until they reach about 16 weeks.

Stay tuned for more updates on the pair.

Photos: Top--female cub; bottom--male cub.

Photos and video by Ryan Hawk.


Jeanine said…
Thanks for the update! How adorable are these two? I look forward to coming to visiting them when they are bigger.
Katie said…
So cute! And so compliant for the exam!
zoodog said…
Wow! That was really neat... weird that the cubs were THAT relaxed, even with needles waving around. Guess they're braver than me. Thanks for sharing that, and good luck with the little youngsters. They are precious!
SnowLeopard said…
Oh my goodness! They are so adorable! I wish I could come work with you. :) They won't be that calm during their exams for long though- they'll be wanting to play rather than getting shots soon!