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First video of snow leopard cubs

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Communications

Check out this video filmed today with zookeepers Deanna Ramirez and Pat Owen weighing and checking the male and female snow leopard cubs born at the zoo on May 25, 2009. Turn the volume up to hear the sound of the cubs!

The cubs are growing at a steady rate and their mother is continuing to provide great care. Right now mom and cubs are behind the scenes in a quiet area where they can bond and develop with minimal disturbance.

This birth, part of the Species Survival Plan for this endangered species, is an important step for snow leopard conservation helping to increase genetic diversity. Woodland Park Zoo also helps protect snow leopards in the wild through our work with The Snow Leopard Trust, a Woodland Park Zoo Partner for Wildlife.

Video by Ryan Hawk.


SnowLeopard said…
I just LOVE watching their little heads bobbing up and down as they explore the grass! And thrilled that they are healthy and growing with the love of an attentive mother~ :)
Anonymous said…
Way to go WPZ!!! I'm so very proud of our zoo and the efforts WPZ makes for the animals both here and abroad!
Anonymous said…
GREAT JOB WOODLAND PARK ZOO!!! these cubs are so cute...could you put more updated vidieos online so the public can get to see the beautiful growing cubs...also could you give a estimated date as to when the public gets to see the snow leapords again in their exhibit
To Anonymous:the chance to get new video and photos of the cubs is opportunistic. Because the mother is doing such a fantastic job of caring for them, we want to disturb them as little as possible. Our plans now are for them to debut on August 15 to coincide with our annual Snow Leopard Day celebration. Stay tuned to the blog for updated info as it becomes available.