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A fluff of cranes

Posted by: Ric Brewer, Communications

A male red crowned crane brought new significance to Macy's Mom & Me when he hatched out last Friday. The fuzzy golden-brown chick is one of several that have hatched at the zoo. These cranes, also called the Manchurian or Japanese crane and are endangered, with only a few thousand left in their native Central Asian steppe habitat. The zoo currently teams with the Muraviovka Park for Sustainable Land Use in the Amur River region of Russia which works to protect cranes and their nesting areas in the park and work with local farmers to promote sustainable farming practices, instead of the slash-and-burn techniques that have traditionally been used.

Learn more about this successful conservation project supported by Woodland Park Zoo. And don't forget to come and visit this little crane. They grown up fast! Photos by Dennis Dow