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Connecting kids with nature

Posted by: Nicole Aragon, Education

Up against the lure of TV, video games and computers, it can be hard to get kids to replace screen time with green time. But it’s more important now than ever to help our kids connect with nature, so we can inspire and nurture the future conservation stewards of our planet.

Here are some special opportunities Woodland Park Zoo has created this summer to connect kids of all ages with nature and get them involved in real conservation.

Ages 2–4
Young Explorers

With eight individual classes offered at Zoomazium during the summer, you and your child will have plenty of opportunities to explore nature themes with stories, puppets, animal contact, and nature exploration.
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Ages 4–9
Zooper Day Camp: One Can Make a Difference

We are very excited to present a day camp theme this year that lets kids discover how they can make a difference in the world and improve their environment. Campers will not only engage in eco-friendly crafts and activities, but they will get hands-on with conservation and join a habitat restoration project in Lower Woodland Park. As a culminating project each week campers will plant ground cover and shrubs and help with the maintenance and protection of this high priority restoration area.
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Ages 10–14
Zoo University: Wildlife Conservation

This day camp for older kids connects campers with at-home conservation actions, field-based research experience, and conservation leadership skills to help them make a difference in the environment. Campers will take hikes, do nature journaling, explore with GPS and radio tracking devices, learn site mapping, and take on a leadership role in the habitat restoration project with Zooper campers in Lower Woodland Park.
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The key to inspiring an interest in and passion for conservation in kids is to get them outside and up close with nature. A trip to Woodland Park Zoo, a local park, or even your own backyard can be a great first step, but if your child is ready for the next step, please consider one of these fun summer opportunities!

Spaces are still available in other zoo camps as well—see all the summer offerings here.