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Penguins in action

Watch the penguins explore their new exhibit for the first time and see some of the amazing underwater views visitors will get when they visit. And don't forget to turn up the sound for full effect!

The all new exhibit transports zoo visitors to the desert coast of Punta San Juan – home of the largest colony of wild Humboldt penguins in Peru. Watch the video for a peek at the shoreline cliffs, nesting burrows, rocky tide pools, crashing waves and sunny beaches in the naturalistic new home for penguins.

And with special windows and acrylic walls, dramatic vantage points will offer guests nose-to-beak viewing as penguins splash, dive and swoop underwater.

See it all for yourself when the exhibit opens on May 2!


Unknown said…
Does Woodland Park have cherry trees?
Anonymous said…
Very Cool!
Hi Shital,

We have several cherry trees scattered throughout zoo grounds, most notably two state champion black cherry trees near Zoomazium.