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Ocelots make their debut

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Communications

The time has finally come...

The ocelot kittens are out on public view!

Want to see Novia and Corisandra climbing and jumping around for yourself? Aim to visit the Tropical Rain Forest building around 2-3 pm when they are typically at their most active. Of course, viewing hours may vary as the young cats adjust to their new surroundings.

If you'll remember, the mother and kittens (pictured together above) have remained off public exhibit since birth to allow for continued nursing and bonding in a quiet environment. In preparation for the kittens’ move to the public exhibit, zookeepers have helped promote the necessary motor and exploratory skills for proper growth and development through off-exhibit climbing structures and a variety of enrichment activities.

Judging from how well they move around the exhibit now, that early enrichment sure has paid off!

Photos by Ryan Hawk.


jatstuff said…
Thank You! They are beautiful!
Anonymous said…
I love the Ocelots, there so cute
Anonymous said…
they are beautiful