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Finishing touches

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Communications

Yesterday, Asian elephant Chai put some finishing touches on a painting for the Saturday premiere of Seattle's first ever animal art show.

KING 5 Evening Magazine filmed as Chai used her trunk to apply a paintbrush to the canvas, with direction and reward from her keepers. Reward comes in the form of tasty apples and carrots, of course!

The final piece, measuring in at a dramatic 4'x6' and titled "Tres, Trio, Drei," is a group effort by Woodland Park Zoo's three elephants. The left most portion was painted by African elephant Watoto, the middle by Asian elephant Bamboo, and the right by Chai. Both Bamboo and Chai also "signed" their portions with a trunk mark.

"Tres, Trio, Drei" and more than 20 other paintings will be available for purchase at Art/Not Terminal Gallery through March 5.

Photos by Ryan Hawk.