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Snow makes the zoo picture perfect

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Communications

Savvy zoo visitors know that while snowfall at the zoo might make it hard to spot some of the animals, others are picture perfect out in the elements. The novel weather brings out the inquisitive nature in many zoo animals and creates a beautiful backdrop for shutterbugs.

Here are some of my favorite photos our zoo photographers have snapped of Woodland Park Zoo’s residents in the Seattle snow:

If you snap any great snow photos at the zoo, please upload them to our Facebook page fan photo album or add them to the slideshow featured on our blog sidebar by tagging them on with the phrase “woodlandparkzoo.”

Photos by Ryan Hawk and Dennis Dow.


Anonymous said…
Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them!
Anonymous said…
Hmmmm for some reason the pictures are not shoing up for me. I am on IE 7.