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Own an orangutan original

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Communications

No art collection is complete without an original painting by Woodland Park Zoo's 40-year-old orangutan, Towan. And with the holidays here, now's your chance to give a unique gift to the animal lover in your life.

Towan's latest work, a 16"x20" painting done in festive acrylic red and green to reflect the theme of the holiday season, comes framed behind glass in a matte black wood frame. Included is a certificate of authenticity.

Bidding has begun on eBay, ending December 12 at 10:36:30 PST. Don't miss your chance!

Funds raised through this eBay auction will help support the 2009 conference of the Third Annual International Congress of Zookeepers/36th American Association of Zookeepers National Conference to be held at Woodland Park Zoo. This combined ICZ/AAZK conference represents the first time these two professional zoo keeper organizations have joined to bring together animal care professionals from around the world to the United States. The conference will improve the levels of communication between keepers from around the world, and serve as a basis for supporting the development of zoo keeping as a profession in regions where professional keeper associations do not currently exist. This will ultimately benefit wildlife located in zoos and those in conservation projects everywhere.

Photos: Carolyn Austin, Ric Brewer.