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Video: Ocelots at 5 weeks

Watch the 5-week-old ocelots during their weekly exam with their zookeepers:

As you can imagine, these early weeks are critical to the ocelots’ growth, so they remain quietly and safely off view with their mother. But thanks to the great work of our keepers, vets, and staff photographer, you get to watch the kittens grow behind-the-scenes as we post more photos, videos and stories.

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Ryan Hawk said…
Some people have been curious about whether the kittens meow. As we were filming them, it looks like they do. But they are just opening their mouths and not a peep came out!
Anonymous said…
I understand the kittens won't be on display till March or April. Would it be possible to set up an Ocelot Cam, or at least post more frequent updates? We ocelot fans are trying to be patient, but April is a long ways away...
Rebecca Whitham said…
Hi anon--

Good to know we have ocelot fans out there!

We're working on getting some updates out soon.

- Rebecca