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Ocelot kits doing well

The ocelot kittens got their first neonatal exam and were given a clean bill of health by their vets!

Looks like both kittens are female. And it's official--they are as cute as can be. Case in point:

You can even watch the behind-the-scenes footage of their first exam:

Newborn ocelots are blind at birth and are helpless for several weeks, relying solely on their mother for care and nutrition. Staff continue to have minimal physical contact and monitor the mother and kittens in the birthing den via a web cam only.
We hope to have them out on exhibit in 6-8 weeks. Until then, stay tuned for more video and photos!
Photos by Ryan Hawk.


Anonymous said…
These kittens are very cute. Where is there native homeland?
Wild ocelots are distributed throughout Mexico, Central and South America to northern Argentina, with tiny remnant populations still in the southwestern United States. They, and their parents, are zoo-born and part of the Species Survival Plan, a network of US zoos that work to have genetically diverse animals.