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Little climber

Uzumma, who turned one year old this October, has been boldly venturing away from her mother and exploring the new trees recently installed in the gorilla exhibit.

Many of us have spotted her playing around the base of the trees before, but this weekend, one of our photographers caught Uzumma testing her climbing skills on the 30 ft tall trees.

Word is she made it about half way up several times!

Have you seen her go higher? Let us know!

Photos by Dennis Dow.


  1. What a beautiful face gorilla
    Amanda has, and her daughters.
    Your zoo is very lucky to have her.
    I know Amanda from a long time
    back. Amanda's very kind and will-
    ing. Your new construction of
    trees was an excellent idea. Could
    you pass this one to other zoos
    that do not have enough spacious
    land, to build a small mound on
    their limited land use, then con-
    struct the simulated trees there,
    this way at least the gorillas,
    and perhaps other animals can get
    out for air and rain and wind and
    sun. It's a good move for one zoo
    to help another..for the animals

  2. Young Uzumma sure looks happy and proud - well, why
    shouldn't she, she has two beautiful parents, Father,Zip,
    and Mother Amanda, and her loving sisters, caring keepers
    and aunties, and the wonderful outdoors, and the higher
    you are the farther you can see. Bless you all.


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