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ZooTunes contest winners announced!

Congratulations Lindsay H. and Megan A., our two ZooTunes VIP Ticket Giveaway trivia contest winners! Look for emails from Woodland Park Zoo to find out how to claim your prize.

Thanks to all who took a stab at these tricky zoo trivia questions for a chance to win two VIP tickets to The Avett Brothers with Shawn Mullins ZooTunes concert.

Curious about the answers? Here they are!

1. What carnivore is found farther north than any other non-human land mammal? Arctic fox

2. What animal uses regurgitation as a defense mechanism to startle the predator and lighten the load for escape? Turkey vulture

3. Zoos have been successfully repopulating what animal into biological reserves in Brazil for over 20 years? Golden lion tamarin

4. Indonesians call what animal “ora”? Komodo dragon

5. The record holder for what animal has over 375 pairs of legs? Millipede

6. What tropical rain forest feature was considered by the Maya to be a holy connection between the land and the heavens above? Kapok tree or ceiba

Keep an eye out for more contests to come.

Thanks for playing!