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Penguin groundbreaking: it's official!

We've officially broken ground for our new penguin exhibit!

Children from around the city sporting penguin hats and bearing plastic shovels joined Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, King County Executive Ron Sims, and other elected officials today in scooping the first piles of dirt for a new home for penguins.

A new colony of Humboldt penguins will return to the zoo when the state-of-the-art exhibit opens in summer 2009. The new exhibit will tell a powerful story about conservation globally while making an impact on resource conservation locally. We'll save 3 million gallons of water a year and with a new filtration system and permeable concrete, there will be no polluted pool water or storm water run-off rushing down to Puget Sound to make a mess of things. That's good for the water and good for the fish!

Take a peek at the construction site next time you are at the zoo to see how things are coming along.

And if you want to be a part of the penguins' new home, go to to find out how to get your name engraved in the exhibit!

Photos by: Ryan Hawk and Tianna Klineburger