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Flamingos on their way

Q: What's the fastest way to move a flock of flamingos from one place to another?

A: Carry them!

The 27 members of the zoo’s flock of Chilean flamingos were carried one by one to their new exhibit today. They won’t make their public premiere until Memorial Day weekend, but we’ve moved them in a bit early to let them get acquainted with their (still off-view) new home.

After settling in their holding area for a few hours, the birds paraded into their new exhibit and have begun to explore their surroundings. The keepers are watching the birds closely to see how they adjust to the new space -- several birds have already been observed drinking from the pool.

Want to see them for yourselves? Don't miss the opening day celebration on Sat., May 24, filled with South American music, flamingo programs and giveaways, stilt walkers and pink cupcakes from Cupcake Royale. See you there!

Photos by Melissa Wheeler.


Burke Museum said…
I've been excited about seeing these flamingos for a long time. And pink cupcakes? I'm sold.

- Julia
Burke Museum