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Flamingo exhibit making headway

Anyone who is a fan of these elegant and colorful birds is anticipating their return to the zoo after nearly 15 years. On May 24, our new Chilean flamingo exhibit will open and avian fans will flock to see these brilliant birds. Although these birds are directly threatened with extinction, like many species of birds, they are prone to the actions of humans that are beginning to have devastating effects on their habitats in Chile. We will teach, through signs, talks and interactive elements how our actions, even here far to the north in Seattle, can have lasting impact on these birds.

Here are a couple shots of the progress on the new exhibit which will feature a wading pond, a viewing boardwalk for visitors, and a meandering path. Nearby, other animals native to the flamingos' range will be exhibited nearby including the southern pudu and coscoroba swans.

Hope to see you on May 24 for opening day festivities!! (Photos by Ryan Hawk)