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No day is ever the same at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. We created this blog to connect you with all the exciting happenings at the zoo—from behind-the-scenes animal updates to upcoming events and even news from the field on our conservation efforts across the globe.

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Blog Authors
A diverse group of writers from Woodland Park Zoo staff and conservation partners in the field contributes to this blog. Here you’ll find behind-the-scenes scoop from the voices of zookeepers, educators, conservationists, gardeners, communicators, interpreters and more.

Editor: Rebecca Whitham, Digital Communications Manager

WPZ writers:
Amy Davis, Zookeeper
Bobbi Miller, Field Conservation Coordinator
Carolyn Sellar, Zookeeper
Christy Cheever, Major Gift Officer
David Schaefer, Director of Public Affairs and Communications
Dr. Deborah Jensen, President and CEO
Eric Kowalczyk, Zookeeper
Ernie Rose, Zookeeper
Gigi Allianic, Public Relations Manager
Gretchen Albrecht, Zookeeper
Janel Kempf, Education Program Presenter
Jennifer Larsen, Tourism Marketing
Jenny Mears, Teacher Training Coordinator
Jim Bennett, Director of Marketing and Corporate Relations
John Samaras, Zookeeper
Kate Neville, Development Writer
Kathryn Owen, Audience Research Coordinator
Katie Remine, School Programs/Teacher Training Supervisor
Kirsten Pisto, Communications Assistant
Mark Myers, Bird Curator
Martin Ramirez, Mammal Curator
Nicole Ivey, Education Specialist
Pat Owen, Collection Manager
Peter Miller, Zookeeper
Ric Brewer, Communications Manager
R. Scott Vance, Interpretive Exhibits Specialist
Ryan Hawk, Photographer
Shawn Pedersen, Collection Manager
Sue Andersen, Zookeeper
Susan Burchardt, Zookeeper
Susan Parke, Education
Wendy Gardner, Zookeeper, Grizzly Bear Outreach Project Field Assistant, Sky Valley Bear Smart Project Leader

Conservation partner writers:
Cathy Macchio, Grizzly Bear Outreach Project
Dr. Marc Ancrenaz, Hutan Asian Elephant Conservation
Dr. Randall Kyes, Global Field Training in Conservation Biology
Jennifer Snell Rullman, Snow Leopard Trust
Kim M. Murray, Ph.D., Snow Leopard Trust
Mustafa Hassanali, Tarangire Elephant Project
Steve Reichling PhD, Memphis Zoo Curator

About the Zoo
Located in Seattle, Washington, Woodland Park Zoo is a non-profit institution, serving as a cherished community resource and unique urban oasis for more than 100 years. Our mission is to save animals and their habitats through conservation leadership and engaging experiences, inspiring people to learn, care and act. The zoo encompasses 92 acres and features more than 1,000 individual animals representing nearly 300 species.